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Finance Options

A business needs equipment, it also needs capital.
(Let us show you how to have one without compromising the other using Kennet Equipment Leasing)

Succeeding in a commercial business today requires that you have the latest technology -but budgets and up-front costs won't always allow for this. Leasing is a long established, tax efficient method of financing a wide range of capital equipment.

Think of any item of equipment that a business uses and it can be leased, from communication systems to combine harvesters, from lawn mowers to Land Rovers, from key cutting machines to the kitchen sink. Values range from a few thousand pounds to several millions of pounds.

Organisations that lease, cover all sectors of industry - financial institutions, manufacturing and distribution facilities, retail, entertainment all make the most of the rewards of leasing.

Importantly, under these current economic conditions - Leasing means that you do not have to use your existing credit lines giving you the flexibility to manage other short -term projects or support for you business cash flow.


What is leasing?

Leasing is basically a rental agreement giving you (the lessee) the right to use an asset owned by the lessor (finance company) for a fixed period of time in return for regular payments (rental payments), and is a tried and trusted method of growing a business without reducing itís cash flow.


The benefits of leasing:

100% Tax efficient

All leasing payments are 100% tax allowable. Every payment that is made on a leasing agreement could qualify to reduce a businesses Corporation Tax bill.

Improves cashflow

Leasing allows you to purchase equipment that is important to your business and keep valuable cash in your bank that may be used for other projects that are not as tax efficient.

Let the machine pay for itself

If the equipment you are purchasing will be a profit centre for your business it is easy to work out how many hours / jobs per week that it needs to do to pay for itself!

Unsecured borrowing

The equipment that is being leased is the only security that is generally necessary. No property is used as security, however, occasionally the finance company may need Directors Guarantees for some Limited Companies.

Leasing products available:

Operating Lease

An operating lease is particularly attractive to companies that continually update or replace equipment and want to use equipment without ownership, but also want to return equipment at lease-end and avoid technological obsolescence. An operating lease usually results in the lowest payment of any financing alternative and is an excellent strategy for bypassing capital budgeting restraints.

Finance Lease

A finance lease is a full-payout, non-cancellable agreement, in which the lessee is responsible for maintenance, taxes and insurance.
Finance leases are most attractive in cases where the lessee wants the tax benefits of ownership or expects the equipment's residual value to be high. The lessee purchases the equipment upon lease termination at a pre-agreed amount. The term of a finance lease tends to be longer, nearly covering the useful life of the equipment.

Sales and Leaseback

Sale and leaseback allows a company to raise money from the sale of assets, while retaining use of them. The money raised from selling assets may make the company financially stronger, but is commonly used, at least in part, to return capital to shareholders.
The largest and highest profile sale and leaseback arrangements usually involve land and property, however a wide range of assets are sold and leased back. The main requirement is that they are capital assets that may sensibly be the subject of a long term lease.